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Department of Statistics Mission

mission_01The Department of Statistics is dedicated to the advancement of the scientific discipline of statistics, the practical application of statistics to assist in the solution of large and small scale problems, and the expert education of the students in statistics and other disciplines as well as outreach to the greater community.  

To achieve this mission faculty in the Department maintain a wide range of research interests in applied statistics related to engineering, natural sciences, business, medicine, and social sciences. Close working relationships between faculty and students provide rigorous training in both theoretical statistics and applied research.  

Current areas of interest include Bayesian methods, bioinformatics, biostatistics and biomathematics, defense studies, financial statistics, graphical analysis of high-dimensional data, time series, environmental statistics, image processing, model building, nonparametric function estimation, massive data sets, multivariate methods, quality control, spatial and spatial-temporal processes, statistical genetics, statistical computing and simulation, survival analysis, and stochastic processes.