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Message from the Chair


Welcome to the Department of Statistics' Web Pages. These webpages are an evolving entity that we hope will provide the reader and user with a thorough and working knowledge of our department. The pages are designed to support our internal community of statistical scientists as well as provide the external community with needed information about our research and educational activities. 

•  Prospective graduate students will find detailed information on how to apply to our program and the type of financial support that is available for your studies.  

•  Current and incoming graduate students, these pages hold important information to support your current and lifelong education.  You will find especially helpful our help desk pages.  

•  Current and future undergraduate students will find information on the undergraduate page concerning our undergraduate program as well as opportunities to engage in the research of the department.  

•  Our colleagues in the region will appreciate a full listing of our colloquium series as well as links to colloquia of interest to the diverse statistics community in the region.

•  Our colleagues across world will find our technical report series of interest as well as the list of theses from the Department of Statistics. Each of these lists are segmentable based on year of authorship, research area emphasized and author or mentor. The information provided on these pages is public information. However, the papers and theses are protected by copyright and should be acknowledged when referenced or used. 

Sincerely yours,
Marina Vannucci
Professor and Chair