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Graduate Programs in Statistics

The research interests of the faculty in the Department of Statistics cover a wide spectrum of topics in applied, theoretical and computational statistics from engineering, natural sciences, business, medicine, and social sciences. Graduate students have the opportunity for rigorous training in theoretical statistics as well as applied research in any of the above disciplines. Students may work towards one of the three graduate degrees offered: master's without thesis (M.Stat.), master's with thesis (M.A.), or doctoral degree (Ph.D.). The M.A. degree is offered only in conjunction with the Ph.D.  

Collaborative Ph.D. Programs and Established Subspecialties Facilities: The department, the George R. Brown School of Engineering, and the university computing center offer a wide range of computing equipment. Computing is an integral part of education and research in the department, and the faculty are committed to maintaining a first-class computing environment for students. The department maintains a network of servers for its core computing and each full-time graduate student is provided with a desktop computer. 

Rice University is a special place. Our faculty is world renowned and growing.  Rice Ph.D. students have excelled in faculty positions at other leading universities, in industry, and in government laboratories.  Rice's small size works to its advantage; graduate students work closely with the faculty in small research groups that often cross departmental and disciplinary boundaries as well as institutional boundaries.  Examples of our department’s commitment to interdisciplinary efforts are the subspecialties within our program in biostatistics, bioinformatics, statistical genetics and computational finance. The subspecialties represent established collaborative programs within our department. We also engage in collaborative research beyond these subspecialties, examples include but are not limited to neuroscience, energy, environmental statistics, reliability of systems and cities, and statistical process control. Generally our faculty embrace challenging interdisciplinary problems for which our expertise in developing new statistical methodologies can make a difference. Students have the opportunity to interact with faculty from a variety of departments, including our sister computational engineering departments of computer science, computational and applied mathematics and electrical engineering. Founded in 1987, the Department of Statistics at Rice University has an exceptionally strong international reputation in modern areas of statistics, due to the efforts of its faculty, staff and students.   

For more information about our programs, write to: 

Chair, Graduate Committee
Department of Statistics, MS 138
Rice University
PO Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251

Or email statadmin@stat.rice.edu

All applicants will be asked to provide Graduate Record Examination scores (quantitative, verbal, and analytical), undergraduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. TOEFL scores should also be included when appropriate. More information and the application download are under Graduate Admissions.