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Course Related News

STAT 410 PERMANENT CHANGE IN SCHEDULING! Our Regression Analysis course (STAT 410) has permanently moved to the fall semester. The transition to the fall semester better accommodates the entering graduate students in our program as well as our undergraduate majors. Students from other disciplines are encouraged to take this course if they are interested in a basic course in applied statistics. 


Under the direction of Dr. Katherine Ensor STAT 421: Computational Finance II: Time Series Analysis (formerly Applied Time Series) is transforming to emphasize the Department's increased presence in the area of computational finance. STAT 421 will still provide fundamental training in time series analysis from theory to practice but examples and methods chosen will be those useful in the area of statistical finance. The title of the course has changed to reflect this new emphasis. In constructing the curriculum for STAT 421, Dr. Ensor has worked closely with Dr. Thompson the professor in charge of STAT 486: Computational Finance I: Market Models. Students may take STAT 486 and STAT 421 in any order, but after the completion of the two semesters, students have been exposed to a large percentage of the quantitative tools used in the modern field of computational finance. STAT 421 will be taught each spring while STAT 486 will be taught each fall.