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Ken Kennedy Institute and Baker Insitute for Public Policy Lecture: Dr. Sami Saydjari presents..."Defending Cyberspace: A New Frontier"

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By: Sami Saydjari
When: Thursday, January 19, 2017
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Where: Duncan Hall
McMurtry Auditorium
Abstract: Prosperity in the information age inextricably depends on computers, data and networks — cyberspace. Imagine waking up to no power, no access to your bank, and no ability to call or text anyone, for a year, across the entire country. The resulting societal breakdown is possible through cyberattacks on a vulnerable information infrastructure. Cyberspace is a qualitatively different realm than physical space and so defenses require innovative thinking. The speed of worldwide attacks can be blindingly fast — the Internet can be taken down in about 15 minutes. Inadequate attention is being paid to cyber defensive strategy and innovation. How does one detect zero-day attacks when there is no signature? How can control theory be applied to react at computer speed to attacks at computer speed? We need the smartest minds and best universities workingon this hard problem to ensure the safety of cyberspace and to realize the full potential of the information age. Come find out how you can help change the world.
Sami Saydjari
Sami Saydjari is the founder and president of the Cyber Defense Agency (CDA) in
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisc. Before founding CDA, Saydjari was a senior staff scientist in
SRI International’s computer science laboratory, where he was the program leader of
the Cyber Defense Research Center (CDRC). At CRDC, Saydjari focused on creating
effective systematic defenses for high-value systems against aggressive cyberattacks. For
over three decades, Saydjari has been a leader in cybersecurity research, development
and national policy and is often quoted in international press on the topic. He has
led major initiatives at the Defense Advanced Projects Agency, advises organizations
like the NSF on current and future cybersecurity investments and the White House
and Congress on national strategy and policy. Saydjari enjoys educating both experts and layman on the importance and urgency of the cybersecurity challenge. Saydjari
earned a B.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from Rice in 1984 and a
master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.