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Listing of Theses

2016 Sharon Chiang, PhD Hierarchical Bayesian models for multimodal neuroimaging data
2016 Yue Hu, PhD Statistical and Algorithmic Methods for High-Dimensional and Highly-Correlated Data
2016 Lu Wang, PhD Functional Data Analysis for Spectroscopic Devices
2015 Nathan Berliner, MA Using Multiple Imputation, Survival Analysis, And Propensity Score Analysis In Cancer Data With Missingness
2015 Nicolas Flores Castillo PhD Stochastic Modeling of Cancer Tumors using Moran Models and an Application to Cancer Genetics
2015 Soyeon Kim, PhD Prediction Oriented Marker Selection (PROMISE) for High Dimensional Regression with Application to Personalized Medicine
2015 Thomas McDonald, PhD Modeling Clonal Evolution with Branching Processes
2015 Yang Ni, PhD Bayesian Graphical Models for Complex Biological Networks
2015 Donald Rogers, MA Time-Based Bayesian Optimal Interval (TITE-BOIN) Design Algorithm Performance under Weibull Distribution on Simulated Phase I Clinical Trial Data
2015 Emilian Vankov Filtering and Estimation for a Class of Stochastic Volatility Models with Intractable Likelihoods
2015 Casper Woroszylo, PhD Limiting Approximations for Stochastic Processes in Systems Biology
2015 Linlin Zhang, PhD Bayesian Nonparametric Models for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Data
2015 Xin Zhao, PhD Approximate Dynamic Factor Models for Mixed Frequency Data
2014 Joseph Egbulefu, PhD Robust GARCH Methods and Analysis of Partial Least Squares Regression
2014 Jaime Ramos, PhD Robust Methods for Forecast Aggregation
2014 Jingjing Yang, PhD Smoothing Functional Data with a Bayesian Hierarchical Model and Robust Fitting of a Weibull Model with Optional Censoring
2013 Ricardo Affinito, PhD Identifying and Dealing with the Approach of Bears and their Departure
2013 Rosa Banuelos, PhD On Sampling Designs for Rare Variant-Quantitative Trait Association
2013 Stephanie Hicks, PhD Probabilistic Models for Genetic and Genomic Data with Missing Information
2013 Christine Peterson, PhD Bayesian graphical models for biological network inference
2013 Justin Lee Silver, PhD Robust Parametric Functional Component Estimation Using a Divergence Family
2013 Sarah Tooth, MA Design and Validation of Ranking Statistical Families for Momentum-Based Portfolio Selection
2012 Garrett Grolemund, PhD Tools and Theory for Improving Data Analysis
2011 Roberto Bertolusso, PhD Computational models of signaling processes in cells with applications: Influence of stochastic and spatial effects
2011 Eric Chi, PhD Parametric Classification and Variable Selection by the Minimum Integrated Least Squares Criterion
2011 Kevin DeHoff, PhD Live Cell Compartment Tracking: Object Tracking in Oscillating Intensity Images
2011 Bei Bei Guo, PhD Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics: Estimation of Copy Number and Detection of Gene Interactions
2011 David Kahle, PhD Minimum Distance Estimation in Categorical Conditional Independence Models
2011 Jonathan Lane, PhD Robust Quantile Regression Using L2E
2011 Dajiang Liu, PhD Statistical Methods for Analyzing Rare Variant Complex Trait Associations via Sequence Data
2010 Beth Bower, PhD Forecasting Wind Power and Prices for Increased Revenue in the Texas Electricity Market
2010 Colleen Kenney, PhD On the Separation of T Tauri Star Spectra using Non-negative Matrix Factorization and Bayesian Positive Source Separation
2010 Alejandro Marcelo Cruz, PhD Estimating the Term Structure With a Semi-parametric Bayesian Population Model: an Application to Corporate Bonds
2010 Terrance Dean Savitsky, PhD Generalized Gaussian Process Models with Bayesian Variable Selection
2010 Sarah Julia Thomas, PhD Model-based Clustering for Multivariate Time Series of Counts
2010 Nan (Jenny) Zhang, PhD Regression Survival Analysis with Dependent Censoring and a Change Point for the Hazard Rate: with Application to the Impact of the Gramm-Leach-Bliey Act to Insurance Companies' Survival
2009 Charlotte H Ahern, PhD Statistical Modelling in the Optimization of Breast Cancer Screening Schedules
2009 Jamie Chatman, PhD Computing Diversity in Undergraduate Admissions Decisions
2009 James Blair Christian, PhD Incorporating Annotation Data in Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping with mRNA Transcripts
2009 Viacheslav Fofanov, PhD Statistical Models in Protein Structural Alignments
2009 Millennia Foy, PhD Lung Carcinogenesis Modeling: Resampling and Simulation Approach to Model Fitting, Validation, and Prediction
2009 Darrin Gershman, PhD Modeling Price Dynamics on Electronic Stock Exchanges with Applications in Developing Automated Trading Strategies
2009 Deborah Goldwasser, PhD Parameter Estimation in Mathematical Models of Lung Cancer
2009 Luis Gonzalo Leon Novelo, PhD Bayesian Semiparametric and Flexible Models for Analyzing Biomedical Data
2009 Matthias Mathaes, PhD Statistical Tests of Neutrality based on SNP and Alu Repeat Data
2009 Tuan Nguyen, PhD Dimension Reduction Methods with Applications to High Dimensional Data with a Censored Response
2009 E. Shannon Neeley, PhD Models for the Preprocessing of Reverse Phase Protein Arrays
2009 Xiaowei Wu, PhD Branching Processes with Biological Applications
2009 Hongxiao Zhu, PhD Functional Data Classification and Covariance Estimation
2008 Garrett Fox, Ph.D A Bayesian Hierarchical Haplotype Model for Unphased Genotypic SNP Data
2008 Jason Andrew Gershman, Ph.D Clustering Time-Course Gene-Expression Array
2008 Hannah Jabri, Ph.D. Term Structures of Conditional Probabilities of Corporate Default in an Incomplete Information
2008 Colleen Kenney, M.A. The Analysis of Limit Orders Using the Cox Proportional Hazards Model with Independent Competing Risks
2008 Lada Kyj, PhD Estimating Realized Covariance Using High Frequency Data
2008 Josue Noyola Martinez, Ph.D Investigation of the Tau-leap Method for Stochastic Simulation
2008 Galen Papkov, PhD Locally-Adaptive Polynomial-Smoothed Histograms with Application to Massive and Pre-Binned Data Sets
2008 Talithia Williams, Ph.D Real-Time Estimation of Rainfall: A Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Model
2007 Chad Bhatti, Ph.D Statistical Models for Intraday Trading Dynamics
2007 Pawel Paszek, Ph.D Modeling stochasticity in gene regulation
2007 David Rossell-Ribera ,Ph.D Some approaches to bayesian design of experiments and microarray data analysis
2007 Jose-Miguel Yamal, Ph.D Multilevel Classification
2006 Xiuyu (Julie) Cong, Ph.D Statistical issues in breast cancer screening and clustered survival data analysis
2006 Ginger M. Davis, Ph.D. An Examination of Some Open Problems in Time Series Analysis
2006 Li Deng, Ph.D Modeling Carcinogenesis in Lung Cancer: Taking Genetic Factors and Smoking Factor into Account
2006 Meichun Ding, Ph.D Bayesian Optimal Design for Phase II Screening Trials
2006 Shu Han, Ph.D Modeling Auxiliary Information in Clinical Trials
2006 Jong Soo Lee, Ph.D Aspects of Functional Data Inference and Its Applications
2006 Bo Peng, Ph.D Forward-time population genetics simulation and its applications in the mapping of complex human diseases
2006 Krzysztof Rudnicki, Ph.D A Dynamic Model for Survival Data with Longitudinal Covariates
2006 Alena Scott, Ph.D Denoising by Wavelet Thresholding Using Multivariate Minimum Distance Partial Density Estimation
2006 Zhaoxia Yu, Ph.D Hapoltype Block and Genetic Association
2006 Xian Zhou, Ph.D Bayesian Inference for Ordinal Data
2005 Kalatu R. Davies, Ph.D Inverse Decision Theory with Medical Applications
2005 Gretchen Abigail Fix, Ph.D Estimating Marginal Survival in the Presence of Dependent and Independent Censoring: With Applications to Dividend Initiation Policy
2005 Michael Louis Lecocke, Ph.D An Empirical Study of Feature Selection in Binary Classification with DNA Microarray Data
2005 Richard Charles Ott, Ph.D On the Operating Characteristics of Some Non-Parametric Methodologies for the Classification of Distributions by Tail Behavior
2004 Evan John Brott, MA An Unconditional Test for the Single-Sample Binomial
2004 Jason Deines, MA Using Simulation to Assess Prediction Performance Change with Simulated Annealing on Probability Arrays
2004 John A. Dobelman, Ph.D Market Outpreformance by Nonparametric, Simugram-Based Portfolio Selection
2004 Musie S. Ghebremichael, Ph.D Nonparametric Estimation of Bivariate Mean Residual Life Function
2004 Deepa Rajan, MA Analysis of Regulatory Mechanisms of Genes controlled by the Transcription Factor NF-kappaB
2004 Hsi-Guang Sung, Ph.D Gaussian Mixture Regression and Classification
2004 Michael Swartz, Ph.D Stochastic Search Gene Suggestion: Hierarchecal Bayesian Model Selection Meets Gene Mapping
2003 John Michael Miller Ph.D Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, and Long-run Performance Prediction: An Application of Data Mining
2002 Nancy Glenn Ph.D Robust Empirical Likelihood
2002 Heidi Spratt Ph.D A Comparison of Three Methods Used to Determine Functionally Important Protein Residues
2002 Richard Swartz Ph.D Applications of Bayesian Sequential Decision Theory to Medical Decision Making
2001 Rachel Boekenhauer Ph.D Estimating Nonlinear Functionals of a Random Field
2001 Roxy Cramer Ph.D Parameter Estimation for Discretely Observed Continuous-Time Markov Chains
2001 Chad Shaw Ph.D Genealogical Methods for Multitype Branching Processes with Applications in Biology
2001 William C. Wojciechowski Ph.D Robust Modeling
2000 Larry Scott Baggett Ph.D A Comprehensive Approach to Spatial and Spatiotemporal Dependence Modeling
2000 Mary Sifford Calizzi Ph.D An Approach to Modeling a MultivariateSpatial-Temporal Processes
2000 John Patrick King Ph.D A Microsatellite-based Statistic for Inferring Patterns of Population Growth: Sampling Properties and Hypothesis Testing
1999 David Andrews Ph.D Spatial-Temporal Modeling of Vector-Valued Data Using Gradient Processes: An Application to Wind Fields
1999 Martin Lawera Ph.D Future Prices: Data Mining and Modeling Approaches
1999 Otto Schwalb, III Ph.D Pratical and Effective Methods of Simulation Based Parameter Estimation for Multidimensional Data
1998 Mark Gebert Ph.D Non-Parametric Density Contour Estimation
1998 Vernon Shane Pankratz, Ph.D Stochastic Models & Linkage Disequlibrium: Estimating the Recombination Coefficient
1997 Leslea Janice Davison, MA Evolution of Microsatellite Loci: Models and Data
1997 John Salch Ph.D Pratical Methods for Data Mining with Massive Data Sets
1996 Elaine Margaret Yonker Hauschel, MA Estimation of Contaminant Concentration in Ground Water Using a Stochastic Flow and Transport Model
1995 Keith Baggerly Ph.D Visual Estimation of Structure in Ranked Data
1995 Christopher M. Brauner, MA Progress Against Cancer-A New Measure
1995 Margaret Elizabeth Gelder Ehm Ph.D Estimation of Uncertainty in genetic Linkage Data for Human Pedigrees
1995 Marc Nathan Elliott Ph.D An Automatic Algorithm for the Estimation of Mode Locatin and Numerosity in General Multidimensional Data
1995 Monnie McGee Ph.D Tests for Harmonic Components in the Spectra of Categorical Time Series
1995 Mark Overley Ph.D A Stochastic Approach to Prepayment Modeling
1994 Stephan Sain Ph.D Adaptive Kernal Density Estimation
1994 David Stivers Ph.D Multi-type Branching Process Models of Cell Proliferation
1994 Ronnie Webster West Ph.D Modeling the Potential Impact of HIV on the Spread of Tuberculosis in the United States
1993 Terri Frantom Hood, MA Autocorrelated Data in Quality Control Charts
1993 Kerry Go Ph.D Nonparametric Estimation of Transitions in Cancer
1993 Robert M. Moreno, MA Spatial Estimation from Sparse Data
1992 Michael C. Minnottee Ph.D A Test of Mode Existence with Applications to Multimodality
1992 Floyd Martin Spears Ph.D Multi-Stage Designs in Dose-Response Studies
1991 Lynn Dittrich, MA A Time Series Approach to Quality Control
1990 Ferdinand Wang Ph.D A New Menthod for Robust Nonparametirc Regression.
1989 Roland Pena Sanchez Ph.D A Nonparametric Regression Algorithm for Time Series Forecasting Applied to Daily Maximum Urban Ozone Concentrations
1985 James Rodney Jee Ph.D A Study of Projection Pursuit Methods
1983 Steven B. Boswell Ph.D Nonparametric Mode Estimation for Higher Dimensional Densities
1983 Richard J. Hathaway Ph.D Constrained Maximum-Likelihood Estimation for a Mixture of M Univariate Distributions
1981 E. Neely Atkinson Ph.D A Statistical Investigation of the Pulmonary Effects of Exposure to Asbestos
1980 Donna Nezames Ph.D Some Results for Estimating Bivariate Densities Using Kernel, Orthogonal Series, and Penalized-Likelihood Procedures
1980 Melvyn Smith Ph.D Survivorship Models for Sexually Transmissible Diseases
1979 Lynette E. Factor Ph.D A Comparison of Data-Based Methods for Nonparametric Density Estimation
1976 David Scott Ph.D Nonparametric Probability Density Estimation by Optimization Theoretic Techniques
1974 John Overton Bennett Ph.D Estimation of Multivariate Probability Density Funcitons using B-Splines
1973 Gilbert Franz Mayor de Montricher Ph.D Nonparametric Bayesian Estimation of Probability Densities by Function Space Techniques

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