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The Department of Statistics encourages its majors and minors to participate in the practice of statistics. Below are opportunities for practical experience through summer internships, employment and research. Contacts are given with each announcement. An undergraduate advisor can also discuss opportunities with you. The various projects are categorized as: Summer Internships, Employment, and Research.   

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Summer Internship Opportunities

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From: "Wang, Yishi" <Wangy@UNCW.EDU>

Subject: NSF REU program @ UNC Wilmington

Date: February 22, 2017 at 2:45:15 PM CST


Reply-To: "Wang, Yishi" <Wangy@UNCW.EDU>

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington is recently awarded an NSF-REU grant in Statistical Learning and Data Mining with applications in computer vision and pattern recognition. Please find the flyer and share it with your students and others who might be interested. We would like to get your help to advertise this REU program, recruit students, and promote the awareness of REU programs in Statistics.

Each of the participating students will receive $5000 as stipend and free on-campus housing. Moreover, it also includes support for meals and travel. Information of the program and application can be found through: 

Your help is highly appreciated!

Best regards,


  Yishi Wang

Professor of Statistics

(910)962-3292, OS2007D

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Hello everyone,

The application for the Rice 360 Summer 2017 Internships is up!    http://www.rice360.rice.edu/internships

The deadline has been extended to February 26, 2017. Flyer Rice 360 Summer 2017

We are looking for students with a genuine passion for global health, and the maturity to effectively lead projects at one of these 4 sites:   

  •          Malawi Polytechnic, Malawi:  Interns will work on needs finding across local hospitals, and medical equipment  repair at the Polytechnic Innovation Design Studio (PIDS).
  •          Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi:  Interns will work  gathering feedback for program technologies, and supporting the rolling out of program technologies
  •          Barretos Cancer Hospital, Brazil: Interns will work on will work needs finding, gathering feedback for program technologies & developing educational materials for medical providers & patients.
  •          OEDK, Houston, TX: Interns will work at Rice University’s OEDK alongside Malawian engineering students to develop appropriate technologies for low resource settings

 Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Dr. Leautaud

Veronica Leautaud, Ph.D.

Director of Education

Rice 360° Institute for Global Health

6500 Main St. BRC 174

Houston, TX   77030

phone: (713)348-2932

FYI - Summer program  Deadline: March 1, 2017

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    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2017 20:55:54 -0500

    From: Bhramar Mukherjee <bhramar@umich.edu>

Subject: Help Advertising an Undergraduate Summer Institute on Big Data and Human Health, June 5-July 14, 2017, University of Michigan Department of Biostatistics

      To: bigdatasummer.chairs@umich.edu

  Dear Colleague,

We are organizing a six week-long, mentored summer research program focused on "Big Data" and related computational and statistical problems.  This is our third year offering this summer program. The program includes a didactic component, with lectures, and also a project component where participating students will be working with some of our top faculty on a problem related to machine learning, data mining, electronic health records or genetic information.

  The program runs from June 5-July 14, 2017. Details and an application form are available at:


  An advertising flyer is attached. The program includes a modest stipend, housing and meals package for meritorious undergraduate students and is sponsored by an NIH R25 grant supported by the NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative.

  Could you please distribute the announcement to your students? We hope they will consider the opportunity. Thank you for your help in spreading the word.

  Best Wishes,

  Bhramar Mukherjee

  Director, Transforming Analytical Learning in the Era of Big Data,  An Undergraduate Summer Institute in Biostatistics, University of Michigan.

  Bhramar Mukherjee

John D Kalbfleisch Collegiate Professor of Biostatistics Associate Chair of Biostatistics Professor of Epidemiology Professor of Global Public Health School of Public Health University of Michigan.

Research Faculty, Michigan Institute of Data Science (MIDAS).

  Associate Director for Cancer Control and Population Sciences UM Comprehensive Cancer Center.

  1415 Washington Heights, SPH I Room 4619 Ann Arbor, MI 48109.

Phone: (734)-764-6544

Fax:   (734)-763-2215

Webpage: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bhramar

  Administrative Assistant: Davina Barron

Phone:  (734)-936-0458

E-mail: davinab@umich.edu

Sysco Internship and full time positions flyer Sysco Internship flyer

Dear Margaret,

Columbia Business School is kicking off recruitment for our 2017 Summer Research Internship program!  Last year, we hosted 20 interns from a pool of over 850 outstanding applicants.  We had great success recruiting from your school and would be delighted to work with you again this year.  We are looking for students from all majors who have an interest in doing research within a business school environment.

The details regarding the program are listed below. I would greatly appreciate if you could post it to your departmental listserv or bulletin board.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued participation.

Khaled N. Hamdy, PhD 
Director, Research and Planning
Office of the Dean
Columbia Business School 
3022 Broadway, Uris Room 325-E 
New York, NY  10027-6902
T. 212.851.9570
F. 212.932.0545



Deadline: March 1, 2017

Columbia Business School (CBS) is seeking outstanding applicants for the 2017 Summer Research Internship program.  The highly selective program provides an intellectually stimulating environment and exposes the students to the world of business research.  Several of the top interns have gone on to leading MS and PhD programs in Economics, Finance, Computer Science and Data Sciences.  Many have been selected to join CBS afterwards as full-time Research Associates.

Under the guidance of Columbia Business School’s leading faculty, interns will take an active role on a research project in one of the following areas: Finance, Economics, Marketing, Management, Decision Sciences, Operations, Accounting, and Data Analytics.

This is a multi-disciplinary program and candidates from all backgrounds, including Business, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, the Physical Sciences, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences, are encouraged to apply. 

Prospective interns must have the following qualifications:

  •          Enthusiasm for research and intellectual curiosity 
  •          Excellent communication skills
  •          Basic knowledge of statistics and/or econometrics
  •          Behavioral projects in Marketing or Management require knowledge of SPSS and prior experience in a psychology laboratory
  •          Quantitative projects in Accounting, Decision, Risk, & Operations, Finance and Economics, Management, and Marketing require strong programming skills:

o   STATA required for projects in Finance, Economics, and Management

o   Matlab, R or Python required for projects in Marketing or DRO

o   SAS or STATA required for projects in Accounting

o   Experience in Python or C/C++ is a plus

The internship program is designed for undergraduate students in their sophomore or junior year and first-year Masters students.  Exceptional students from other classes are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The program runs from May 30, 2017 – August 4, 2017 (tentative dates).  On-campus housing and a stipend will be provided.

The Application Deadline is 11:59pm EST on March 1, 2017.  Apply early.  Applications will be reviewed beginning mid-January and positions may be filled on a rolling basis.  The application process is highly competitive. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

To apply, please fill out the application form through the following website: http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/faculty-research/research/job-opportunities/summer-research-internship

The following site lists many summer internships, most for graduate

students but some very good opportunities are also available for

undergraduates, such as the Mayo Clinic, National Ecological

Observatory, and the US Census Bureau.   


  Again, deadlines will arrive soon.


Statistics Students:

If you haven't started searching for summer internship or

research opportunities, then you should start as soon as

possible as some deadlines have already passed, and 

many are early spring. 

Two programs supported by the major granting agencies are:





The college of engineering also has the following possibilities:


Good luck,


The following site lists many summer internships, most for graduate

students but some very good opportunities are also available for

undergraduates, such as the Mayo Clinic, National Ecological

Observatory, and the US Census Bureau. 


Again, deadlines will arrive soon.


From: "Lewis Talbot, City Internships" <Lewis_Talbot_City_Internships@mail.vresp.com>

Subject: City Internships | Pre-launch notification for 2017

Date: October 18, 2016 at 12:10:54 PM CDT

To: dcox@rice.edu

Reply-To: "Lewis Talbot, City Internships" <reply-49ff6979d1-a93564feca-093e@u.cts.vresp.com>

  Dear Prof Cox,
I hope you are well.
With the new academic year well underway, I am reaching out to department heads and course leads to communicate the soft launch of the application process for our 2017 programs.
For 2017, we will be offering spring, summer, fall and winter programs in 12 locations:
London, Paris, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney & Hong Kong.
Visit pre-launch application form.
The soft launch is an opportunity for direct and indirect recipients of this notification to submit an application to any of our 2017 programs before their release to the wider student and recent graduate population next month.  
If you feel our programs would be of interest to your students, please share this email and invite them to apply via:
In addition to news of our new program locations, I have included a few notable updates for the 2017 season at the foot of this email.
i. Three friends, One Enviable Summer. Sponsored summer 2017 places for a trio of friends.
ii. Academic partnerships. Affecting positive outcomes together.
iii. We’re growing. New locations, industries and programs.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Best wishes
Lewis Talbot
Managing Director, City Internships

i. Three Friends, One Enviable Summer. Sponsored summer 2017 places for a trio of friends.
For our Q4 2016 scholarship contest, I am pleased to announce that we are offering three sponsored places for a trio of friends to join a program of their choosing together in summer 2017.
We’re inviting a trio of friends to team up and record a short video to win. At least two of the three must be current students. They may be studying at the same or different colleges.
Learn more here: www.city-internships.com/career-advice/ci-contest-three-friends-one-enviable-summer/
I will send notifications of our in-house and third-party sponsored scholarship contests at the start of each quarter.
ii. Academic partnerships. Affecting college outcomes together.
City Internships (CI) is an “accelerated learning” provider offering full-time immersive in-person courses that combine intensive classroom-based workshops and seminars, practical work experience-based training and a link to potential employers.
For colleges, our programs provide an avenue to help students, through experiential education, develop the practical skills and experience necessary to launch successful careers in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving employment landscape.
Our alumni are hired more quickly and earn more than their peers straight out of college – three times more quickly (2.5 versus 7.5 months) and 30% more ($36k versus $47k), in fact, compared with both the US and UK national graduate averages. 
Ignoring the qualitative benefits from experiencing two-months in a global city with a cohort of like-minded, high-potential early-in career students and graduates, the 30% earnings premium alone represents a trade of 8 weeks for 8 years. Eight weeks invested in a CI program helps a graduate yield a positive return on their investment in their post-secondary education eight years sooner.
Since founding in 2011, we have enjoyed a strong track-record working with educators to positively affect the outcomes of bright, ambitious students.
To learn about how your college, school, department or group can partner with City Internships, please contact our Academic Engagement Manager, Misha Goosheh: misha@city-internships.com.
iii. We’re growing. New locations, industries and programs. 
For 2017, we will be offering spring, summer, fall and winter programs in 12 locations:
London, Paris, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney & Hong Kong.
With internship placements in 9 industries:
Banking & Financial Services,  Marketing, Advertising and PR,  Consulting and Professional Services,  Technology and Engineering,  Entertainment, Media and Journalism,  Law and Politics,  Art, Fashion & Design,  Charities, NFPs & NGOs,  Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship.
For 2017, we will be offering two core program types:
Global Explorer Program:
8-week immersive internship* + Career Navigator Series + Future Leaders Series + Group Events & Excursions.
Global Accelerator Program:
2-week intensive course** + 6-week high-impact internship* + Career Navigator Series + Future Leaders Series + Group Events & Excursions.
* More than 65 per cent of our alumni get hired by their host company. Your internship may last more than 8 or 6-weeks if you and your host company wish.
** Courses available in: Investment Banking; Digital Marketing; Business Development & Sales; Coding & Design.

 Internship Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Mathematica entry level programmer

more info: About Mathematica

Research Opportunities  

Undergraduate Research Symposium 2017 (RURS)

Deadline: Friday, March 10, 2017

Hello Prof. Guerra

Our names are Peter Yun and Lanie Tubbs and we are the 2017 Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium (RURS) co-chairs. RURS 2017 is a couple months away, but we want to ensure that all departments are informed about upcoming events and deadlines so that all interested students are able to participate.

Considering your role as major advisor for the Statistics department, we are hoping you know students who are conducting research and would be interested in showcasing their work at RURS 2017. Would you share the following information with students in your department?

This year RURS will be held on Wednesday, April 12. To register, students must submit an abstract and application here by 11:59 PM on Friday, March 10. Any student who has conducted research since April 15, 2016, is eligible to participate. Likewise, honors theses and capstone projects make great entries!

In preparation for abstract submission, the Center for Civic Leadership (CCL) is hosting abstract writing information sessions and reviews. The information session is tomorrow, Thursday, February 16 and Wednesday, February 22 in HUMA 119 from 12:05 to 1:00 PM. Students will receive general guidance and tips for submitting the successful abstracts. Pizza will be served, and students must RSVP here. Thereafter, students can receive personalized feedback on their abstracts by dropping by the Meyer Conference Room on Monday, March 6 and Tuesday, March 7 between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.

I've attached a flyer with all the information students need about participating in RURS. Please let your students know about this excellent opportunity to showcase their work! Feel free to reach out to us at rurs@rice.edu if anyone in your department has questions. We look forward to Statistics students’ participation in RURS 2017!​

Peter Yun and Lanie Tubbs
Co-Chairs RURS 2017

Scholarship Opportunities

Applications are due Friday, March 10, 2017  Attachment: RUSP

Dear Department Coordinators and Undergraduate Advisors,

Please forward the email copied below to any students you may have who are interested in attending graduate school. Rice Undergraduate Scholars (RUSP) is a great opportunity for students who will be working on a  thesis or other research project to prepare for graduate school and to share their research in an interdisciplinary setting.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions. -Michael

The Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program (RUSP) is two-semester, 1-credit undergraduate research program aimed at students interested in careers in academia and research. Junior and senior Rice students engage in a year-long research project and attend weekly seminars on topics of research and the academic life. 
The program is focused on developing research and presentation skills, an understanding of an academic career, and how to apply to post-undergraduate education (graduate, medical, and law) and nationally competitive fellowships. 

In addition to this, all students in the program will have access to funding that may be used for research materials or conference attendance.

Applications are due Friday, March 10, and include a resume, unofficial transcript, a one-page project proposal, a one-page personal statement of interest, and a letter of support from the faculty member overseeing the project. For more information, please see the attached file or contact Dr. Michael Domeracki at msd5@rice.edu at the Center for Civic Leadership.

Michael S. Domeracki, Ph.D 
Associate Director, Programs and Fellowships 
Center for Civic Leadership 
Rice University 
Cell: 615.972.1012 
Office: 713.348.2577