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Minor in Statistics

In today's world, knowledge and expertise in statistics has become increasingly important to students across many disciplines, including engineering, life sciences, natural sciences, physical sciences, business and industry. The Department of Statistics offers a minor in statistics for non-majors to gain expertise in statistical methods, theory and statistical computation. The minor will provide students with a critical understanding of statistical principles, methods and data analysis techniques that will enhance their personal skills and career opportunities. The minor requires 18 hours of coursework in the statistics department and students may follow either an applied or theoretical/methodological track. 

Degree requirements

There are two options available for the minor in statistics. Track A is designed for mathematically sophisticated students who wish to understand not only how statistical methods are used, but also how they are developed. Track B is designed to help students develop a working knowledge of statistics and the wide range of possibilities for the use and misuse of statistical methods.   

Students must complete at least six courses (a minimum of 18 credit hours).   

Required classes:
Track A: STAT 310 Probability and Statistics or STAT 312 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
                     STAT 405 Statistical Computing and Graphics
                     STAT 410 Linear Regression

  Track B: STAT 280 Elementary Applied Statistics or STAT 305 Intro to Statistics for the Biosciences
                      STAT 385 Methods for Data Analysis and System Optimization

  Three electives in statistics at the 300 level or higher for Track A, four electives for Track B. STAT 305 and 385 do not count as electives for Track A. STAT 305 does not count as an elective for Track B.   

Suggested electives are:  

  Track A: STAT 313, 411, 421, 422, 423, 431, 449, 453  
  Track B: STAT 405, 440, 482, 484, 485, 486  

No more than two courses can apply from study abroad or transfer credits.