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This site is designed to support our internal community of statistical scientists as well as provide the external community with needed information about our research and educational activities.  Should you have any questions or wish to leave a comment, please contact the department.


Chad Shaw

Parent of origin, mosaicism and recurrence risk: modeling the transmission genetics of de novo mutations
March 9, 2015   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Lunch with the Dean: STAT graduate students
March 16, 2015   12:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1049

Justin Silver and Ed Kambour

Colloquium - TBA
March 16, 2015   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Tyler McCormick

Colloquium - TBA
March 23, 2015   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall

Statistics Department

5th Eubank Conference on Real World Markets
March 26, 2015   8:30 AM   Baker Hall

Statistics Department

Short Course: Investing for Profit: A Data Based Approach
March 27, 2015   9:00 AM   Duncan Hall RM3076

Statistics Department

Short Course: Introduction to Quantitative Financial Analytics using R
March 27, 2015   9:00 AM   Duncan Hall McMurtry Auditorium

Ollie McDonald, Fred Campbell

Colloquium - TBA
March 30, 2015   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Statistics Department

MIDTERM RECESS (No Scheduled Classes)
April 2, 2015 to April 3, 2015   12:01 AM   

Linda Zhao

Colloquium - TBA
April 6, 2015   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070