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This site is designed to support our internal community of statistical scientists as well as provide the external community with needed information about our research and educational activities.  Should you have any questions or wish to leave a comment, please contact the department.



Dan Kowal

A Bayesian Multivariate Functional Dynamic Linear Model
January 18, 2017   11:00 AM   Abercrombie Engineering Laboratory 131

Sami Saydjari

Ken Kennedy Institute and Baker Insitute for Public Policy Lecture: Dr. Sami Saydjari presents..."Defending Cyberspace: A New Frontier"
January 19, 2017   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall McMurtry Auditorium

Meng Li

New developments in probabilistic image analysis: boundary detection and image reconstruction
January 20, 2017   11:00 AM   Keck Hall 102

Andee Kaplan

Model matters with restricted Boltzmann machines
January 23, 2017   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Keynote Speaker: Alfred Spector

2017 ML@RICE Machine Learning Workshop
January 24, 2017   8:00 AM   BioScience Research Collaborative

Dr. Alfred Spector

Data Science Distinguished Lecture Series: Alfred Z. Spector presents..."Big Data: Opportunities & Unanticipated Consequences"
January 25, 2017   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall McMurtry Auditorium

Statistics Department

January 30, 2017   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Tyler McCormick

Estimating features of a social network using a sample
February 1, 2017   4:00 PM   Keck Hall 102

Theofanis Sapatinas

Bootstrap-Based Testing of Equality of Mean Functions or Equality of Covariance Operators for Functional Data
February 6, 2017   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Statistics Department

Spring Recess (No Scheduled Classes)
February 9, 2017 to February 10, 2017