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This site is designed to support our internal community of statistical scientists as well as provide the external community with needed information about our research and educational activities.  Should you have any questions or wish to leave a comment, please contact the department.


Natalia Sizova

The Joint Risk Dynamics of Stock Market Factors
October 27, 2014   4:00 PM   

SCREECH 2014: Engineering Research Pitch Competition
October 30, 2014   6:00 PM   Duncan Hall McMurtry Auditorium

Paul Shaman

November 3, 2014   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Stanley Williams

K2I Distinguished Lecture - "The Machine: The HP Memristor Solution for Computing Big Data", Stanley Williams
November 6, 2014   4:00 PM   Keck Hall 102

Alessandro Rinaldo

DeBaCl: a density-based clustering algorithm and its properties
November 10, 2014   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Katy Borner

K2I Distinguished Lecture - Dr. Katy Borner, "Envisioning Communication and Collaboration"
November 11, 2014   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall McMurtry Auditorium

Lunch with the Dean: STAT Undergrads
November 12, 2014   12:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1049

Katherine Maxfield

KATHERINE MAXFIELD BOOK-SIGNING "Starting Up Silicon Valley: How ROLM Became a Cultural Icon and Fortune 500 Company"
November 13, 2014   6:30 PM   Duncan Hall McMurtry Auditorium

Min-ge Xie

Confidence Distribution and Unifying Concept for Statistical Inferences
November 17, 2014   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Statistics Department

November 24, 2014   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070