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This site is designed to support our internal community of statistical scientists as well as provide the external community with needed information about our research and educational activities.  Should you have any questions or wish to leave a comment, please contact the department.



John Hasenbein

Economics, Parameter Uncertainty, and Queueing: Naor's Model with Random Arrival Rates
August 29, 2016   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Statistics Department

Labor Day (Holiday, No Scheduled Classes)
September 5, 2016   

2016 School of Engineering Ice Cream Social
September 7, 2016   3:00 PM   Duncan Hall Martel Hall

RCEL Engineering Liftoff 2016
September 10, 2016   12:30 PM   RMC/Ley Student Center Grand Hall

Guodong Pang

Ergodic Control of Large-Scale Parallel Server Networks
September 12, 2016   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Hadley Wickham

Data science with the tidyverse
September 19, 2016   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall McMurtry Auditorium

Dr. Katherine Yelick

Ken Kennedy Award Lecture: Dr. Katherine Yelick presents..."How to Teach Your Exascale Computer to do the Data Dance"
September 21, 2016   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1064

Thomas Lumley

Hypothesis tests based on large quadratic forms
September 26, 2016   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Long Nguyen

October 3, 2016   4:00 PM   Duncan Hall 1070

Statistics Department

Midterm Recess (No Scheduled Classes)
October 10, 2016 to October 11, 2016