Statistics Colloquia

The Department of Statistics Colloquia typically takes place on Mondays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm CST - except on holidays, during university breaks, or otherwise noted. For details on each colloquium and speaker, visit the Rice University events calendar.

Fall 2020

September 21
Dr. Peter Mueller, Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science
Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics & Data Science
University of Texas—Austin
WATCH: "Dependent Mixtures: Modeling Cell Lineage"

September 28
Dr. Ron Wasserstein, Executive Director
American Statistical Association
WATCH: "Moving to a World Beyond P<0.05"

October 5
Dr. Tanya Garcia, Associate Professor
Department of Biostatistics
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
WATCH: "Dynamic landmark prediction for mixture data"

October 12
Dr. Michelle Torres, Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Rice University
WATCH: "The Bag of Visual Words: Using Computer Vision to Understand Visual Frames and Political Communication"

October 19
Dr. Dustin Pluta, Visiting Scholar
Department of Statistics
Rice University
WATCH: "Latent Factor Gaussian Process Model for the Analysis of Dynamic Functional Connectivity in LFP Data"

October 26 - seminar starts at 9:00 am CST
Dr. Daniele Durante, Assistant Professor
Department of Decision Sciences
Universita Bocconi
WATCH: "Scalable and Accurate Variational Bayes for High-Dimensional Binary Regression Models"

November 2
Dr. Marek Kimmel, Professor
Department of Statistics
Rice University
"Coalescence, the problem of species and models of evolution of coronavirus genomes"

November 9
Dr. Simon Tavare, Professor
Department of Systems Biology
Director, Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics
Columbia University
"On Fisher's measure of variability in repeated samples"

November 16 - postponed to April 19, 2021
Dr. Chad Shaw, Professor
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (STaR) Center
Baylor College of Medicine

November 30 - postponed to March 15, 2021
Dr. Antonio Linero, Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics and Data Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin
"On Theory and Practice for Bayesian Tree Ensembles"

Spring 2020

January 27
Dr. Jianqing Fan, Frederick L. Moore '18 Professor in Finance
Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University
"Communication-Efficient Accurate Statistical Estimation"

February 3
Dr. Bin Yu, Professor of Statistics
Department of Statistics, University of California-Berkeley
"Veridical Data Science"

February 10
Dr. Justin Silver, Manager of Data Science & AI Specialist and Dr. Yan Xu, Senior Data Scientist
PROS Holdings, Inc.
"Forecasting Applications in Industry: When Theory Meets Reality"

February 17
Dr. Fabrizio Ruggeri, Research Director
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology of the Italian National Research Council
"New Classes of Priors based on Stochastic Orders: Theory and Applications in Reliability"

February 24
Dr. Anuj Srivastava, Professor and Distinguished Research Professor
Department of Statistics, Florida State University
"Functional and Shape Data Analysis"

March 2
Dr. Peter Bickel
Professor Emeritus and Professor in the Graduate School
Department of Statistics, University of California-Berkeley
"Some basic issues in network models and fitting"

March 30 - CANCELLED
Dr. Tanya Garcia, Associate Professor
Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University - College Station
"Dynamic landmark prediction for mixture data"

Dr. Antonio Linero, Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics and Data Science, University of Texas - Austin
"On Theory and Practice for Bayesian Tree Ensembles"

April 13 - McMurtry Auditorium - CANCELLED
Dr. Mark Glickman, Senior Lecturer
Department of Statistics and Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research, Harvard University
"Data Tripper: Authorship Attribution Analysis of Lennon-McCartney Songs"

April 20 - CANCELLED
Dr. Richard Hahn, Associate Professor of Statistics
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University

Fall 2019

September 9
Dr. Don H. Johnson
J.S. Abercrombie Professor Emeritus
Title: Signal Processing and Technical Examinations of Paintings
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Rice University

September 16
Dr. Christine B. Peterson
Assistant Professor
Title: Flexible and informative clustering of microbiome data
Department of Biostatistics, Divison of Basic Science Research, MD Anderson Cancer Center

September 23
Dr. Jeffrey Scargle
Research Astrophysicist
Title: Adventures in Astronomical Time Series Analysis
Planetary System Branch, Astrobiology and Space Science Division, NASA Ames Research Center, California

October 1 - Thompson Lecture Series
Dr. Mark Hansen
Professor of Journalism
Director, David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Columbia University
"Simulation: A plot twist"

October 7
Dr. Quan Zhou
Assistant Professor
Title: The distribution of Yule's nonsense correlation
Texas A&M University

October 21
Dr. Heping Zhang
Susan Dwight Bliss Professor
Title: Back to the Basics: Residuals and Diagnostics for Generalized Linear Models
Yale University School of Public Health

October 29
Dr. Eric Laber
Professor of Statistics
Director, Research Translation and Engagement
Title: Sample size considerations for precision medicine
North Carolina State University

November 4
Dr. Catherine Calder
Department Chair and Professor
Title: The Geometry of Continuous Latent Space Models for Network Data
Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, University of Texas - Austin

November 18
Dr. Marek Kimmel
Professor and Associate Chair
Title: Statistical inference for the evolutionary history of cancer genomes
Department of Statistics, Rice University

December 2
Dr. Surya Tokdar
Associate Professor
Title: The Joint Quantile Regression under Spatial Dependency
Department of Statistical Science, Duke University

Spring 2019

January 24
Dr. Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
Associate Professor of the Practice & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Title: Let them eat cake (first)!
Department of Statistical Science, Duke University

February 4
Dr. Dennis Sun
Assistant Professor
Departments of Statistics and Computer Science, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

February 11
Dr. Stephanie Hicks
Assistant Professor
Title: Applications of Latent Variables in Identifying Systematic Errors in Genomics
Bloomberg School of Public Health and Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, Johns Hopkins University

February 18
Dr. Eric Laber
Associate Professor
Title: Interpretable Decision Rules for Clinical Decision Support
Statistics Department, NC State University

February 25
Dr. Jeff Goldsmith
Associate Professor
Title: Modeling motor learning using heteroskedastic functional principal components analysis
Department of Biostatistics, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

March 18
Dr. Lucas Janson, Assistant Professor
Title: New Results on Knockoffs for FDR-Controlled High-Dimensional Variable Selection
Department of Statistics, Harvard University

March 25
Dr. Peiyong "Annie" Qu
Director of Consulting, Professor
Title: Individualized Multilayer Tensor Learning with An Application in Imaging Analysis
Department of Statistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

April 1
Dr. John Nolan, Professor
Title: A primer on heavy tailed stable distributions
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, American University

April 8
Dr. Richard Davis, Howard Levene Professor and Department Chair
Title: The Use of Shape Constraints for Modeling Time Series of Counts
Department of Statistics, Columbia University

April 15
Dr. James Fill
Professor & Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Title: Multivariate Pareto Records
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

April 22
Dr. Pete Mohanty
Science, Engineering & Education Fellow and Lecturer
Title: Advances in Kernel-Regularized Least Squares, with Applications to Political Science
Department of Statistics, Stanford University