Undergraduate Programs

A degree in statistics will enable you to work in a variety of disciplines. The goals of the undergraduate program in Statistics at Rice University are to acquaint students with the role played in the modern world by probabilistic and statistical ideas and methods, to provide instruction in the theory and application of techniques that have been found to be commonly useful and to train research workers in statistics.

Our programs are flexible and may be oriented towards theoretical or applied training or towards joint work in a related department, including but not limited to biology, economics, education, electrical engineering, computational and applied mathematics, psychology, and more.

For current or prospective Rice undergraduate majors and/or minors interested in exploring our program in more depth, please visit our Statistics Undergraduate Website.

Statistics Major/Minor Advisor
Elizabeth McGuffey
Maxfield 111
Office Hours: By appointment


5th Year MSTAT Advisor
Michael D. Jackson
Maxfield 223
Office Hours: By appointment

Data Science Minor Advisor
Rudy Guerra
Maxfield 228
Office Hours: By appointment


FCAM Minor Advisor
Katherine Ensor
Maxfield 211
Office Hours: By appointment

Undergraduate and Graduate Program Administrator
Zoila Parra-Castelan
Maxfield 128