Akin Bruce '19 reflects on his full Rice experience

The statistics senior from Memphis took advantage of everything campus has to offer.

Akin Bruce

During his time at Rice, Akin Bruce took advantage of everything campus has to offer. A statistics major and Lovett College president from Memphis, Tenn., Bruce expanded his perspective of the world at Rice. “My experience at Rice, both inside and outside of the classroom has expanded my knowledge of so much,” he said. “I’ve been able to take a wide variety of classes outside of my major, and I’ve also learned so much about people.”
Bruce values the discussions and relationships he has cultivated with people that come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. After graduation, Bruce plans to work in actuarial science, but is also excited by the possibility that he can utilize his statistics degree in a number of industries, such as finance and media.
“I’m happy with what I’ve done here,” Bruce said. “I feel fulfilled in the Rice experience I’ve had, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be sad when I walk through the Sallyport on graduation day.”
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Brandon Martin, Rice University Public Affairs